Pride and Prejudice

in the words of Jane Austen and the music of Carl Davis

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The Show

Created to honour the bicentenary of Jane Austen's death in 2017, this promises to be an unusually intimate performance of the beloved author's most famous work - one of the most popular novels of all time.


The enduring story of the romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy will be read by an Hayley Mills - in a drawing-room setting, in much the same way that Jane herself first read the story aloud to the Austen family and their closest friends. And weaving around those words will be Carl Davis' magical score from the much loved BBC TV drama series of the 1990s.


The music, specially adapted by Mr Davis, will be performed by two of the UK's most sought after musicians: the pianist Ashley Wass, and violinist Matthew Trusler.


The book has been abridged by novelist and Austen biographer, Gill Hornby.

Technical notes for promoters

Copyright 2017 Mash Productions

The story of Pride and Prejudice, in the words of Jane Austen and the music of Carl Davis.

Our audience - Pride & Prejudice is an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel, and as such will appeal to all lovers of the original book as well as fans of the 1995 BBC television series, of which Carl Davis’ music was such an integral part.


Duration - the running time of P&P is expected to be approximately 90 minutes, with an interval at the midway point.


Personnel - the ‘cast’ of P&P will be Matthew Trusler, violin, and Ashley Wass, piano, plus Hayley Mills (subject to availability).


Staging - Certain simple pieces of staging will be provided and set up by a tour manager (or the artists themselves) upon arrival at the venue.


Lighting - spotlighting is desirable but non-essential.